India Globalization Capital: Mision

IGC(India Globalization Capital) is made up of two lines of business: an infrastructure operation and a plant and cannabis operation, both of which are industry leaders and innovators. Through innovation and dedication to quality, we are able to carry out tremendous visions thanks to our commitment to creating partnerships.

Infrastructure Business

Contracting infrastructure projects and renting equipment in India, our team's aggregate efforts are extensive. We develop and market new products and services, such as steel, iron ore, and construction materials in Hong Kong and throughout South Asia. To the sectors and businesses we serve, we give exceptional customer service.

Plant Business

According to Bloomberg, we are pioneers and visionaries in the development of science-based plant remedies. Plant extracts are the source of our second line of business, commonly known as the "Plant-Based Therapy Business." IGC develops and aims to commercialize various brands of plant-based products and therapies.

HyalolexTM, IGC's flagship, patent-pending product, is a plant-based alternative therapy aimed at assisting senior patients with dementia, such as Alzheimer's disease, enhance their quality of life (AD). Medicines for neuropathic pain, Parkinson's disease (PD), and other Central Nervous System (CNS) illnesses are among the alternative therapies in development. HyalolexTM is based on a patent application for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease filed by the University of South Florida. Visit us at IGC Pharma and Hyalolex to learn more.


IGC has created strong ties with partners across South Asia based on over a decade of powerful outcomes in the construction and infrastructure trading industries. We hire heavy construction equipment to construction companies particularly in Kerala, India, through our Equipment Rental business. Our construction development portfolio includes a variety of projects, including the construction contract for a local highway sponsored by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI). Furthermore, we buy and trade tangible goods. (source)


IGC Pharma goal is to become a global player in the field of plant-based goods. Our growth approach is to use R&D and intellectual property to create unique goods that are best in class, well differentiated, and scientifically supported. We want to run science-driven industrial cultivation and production facilities while also building a portfolio of influential brands.